Deuxième édition is a store specializing in the sale of second hand luxury clothing and accessories that was launched in June 2015 by Catherine Paiement-Paradis.

Since June 2018, Deuxième édition has had a physical store location at 262 Beaubien Est in Montréal.

Deuxième édition sells second hand luxury clothing and accessories, as well as samples from local and international designers.

Every item sold at Deuxième édition is carefully curated and authenticated by Catherine and her team.

Catherine Paiement-Paradis, Founder and President
Deuxième édition

A graduate from UQAM university with a degree in journalism, Catherine Paiement-Paradis worked for different magazines and media outlets in Québec between 2006 and 2015, including Radio-Canada and TVA Publications. For 3 years, she was editor-in-chief of news stories and culture at Clin d'oeil magazine. In June 2015, she founded Deuxième édition.

In French, Deuxième édition means second edition, a nod to Catherine’s career in the publishing industry.